Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Switching gears to the gridiron

The dog days of summer are here, and for those of us whose fantasy baseball teams have fallen out of contention, it can seem like the season drags on endlessly.

The good news: Football is right around the corner.

Fantasy football's always been the lifeblood of this blog. Sure, baseball's fun for the first few months, but the daily grind can take its toll, especially when your team's been stuck in ninth place like mine for what seems an eternity. I'll admit I've been slacking lately on the baseball posts, for a variety of reasons - vacation, hectic times at my "other" job and the general suckiness of my team. But it's my pledge to you now that I'll be posting more regularly as we get ready for football season.

Don't worry, baseball fanatics: I'll still be blogging on America's pastime when the mood strikes me, especially if we see any big moves as the MLB trade deadline approaches. But from here on out the primary focus will be on the gridiron, and I've got lots of thoughts. Is Adrian Peterson a lock for the No. 1 overall pick? How long should you wait to draft a QB this year? Is Jay Cutler better off as a Bear? Can Terrell Owens still be a fantasy force in Buffalo? I'll be dropping some knowledge on these and many other topics in the coming weeks, as well as unveiling my position-by-position rankings, plus some more surprises. So stay tuned.

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