Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Two WRs get a huge bump in value

Today is a great day if you own Braylon Edwards or Michael Crabtree.

With the news of Edwards' trade to the Jets and Crabtree's signing with the 49ers, both disappointing WRs suddenly have much higher fantasy value, a welcome relief for anyone who's been holding onto them on their rosters.

Edwards, a hot-headed malcontent and LeBron hater with no viable quarterback and a case of the dropsies, suddenly becomes a No. 1 wideout with a promising young QB on a legit playoff contender. He immediately becomes the Jets' top big-play threat and relegates Jerricho Cotchery to the No. 2 spot, where he's probably better served. If Edwards can quickly find some chemistry with Mark Sanchez and stay out of trouble in New York, we could be looking at a top fantasy WR. Congratulations to those who've stuck with him.

The day's other big news is good for those who've held onto Crabtree as well, although on a smaller scale. The Niners' first-round draft pick will need a few weeks to get back into football shape and acclimate himself with San Francisco's offense, so don't expect any immediate help. But if you've held onto him all this time, what's a few more weeks? Crabtree could easily become the Niners' top receiving threat, although that's not saying much for a run-oriented offense directed by QB Shaun Hill. He's an intriguing prospect as your fourth fantasy WR and deserves a look (he should absolutely be picked up in long-term keeper leagues), but temper your expectations. Rookie WRs who put up great fantasy stats are often the exception to the rule.

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