Sunday, May 16, 2010

Is Todd Helton toast?

Todd Helton's hitting .257.

Terrible? No. But not what you bargained for, either. Not when we're talking about a career .327 hitter you drafted specifically for batting average help.

Helton's not a home run hitter anymore - that 49-homer season in 2001 during Coors Field's heyday as a hitter's haven seems like ages ago. Helton managed just 15 homers last year and hasn't gone deep yet this year, so he's not going to help you in that department. He's not a big run-producer anymore either (he hasn't topped 90 RBIs since 2007), and he sure isn't a base stealer (six in the past eight seasons). Which means it's average or nothing for Helton when it comes to fantasy.

Now, I know what you're saying: Helton hit .325 last year, is he really finished?

The sad truth is he might be. His batting average on balls in play (.310) does suggest he's been a little bit unlucky (that number was .348 last year. But he's also hitting just as many line drives as last year,just without any power (just a .295 slugging percentage).

Oh, and Helton's also on the wrong side of 30 - 36 to be exact. He might still be able to snap out of it and salvage a .300 average, but do you really have time to wait for him? And do you have a spot on your roster for a 1B who doesn't hit home runs anymore? I know I don't.

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