Sunday, June 13, 2010

What's up with A-Rod?

Alex Rodriguez's recent hip troubles have to be making a whole lot of fantasy owners feel a little queasy.

A-Rod's been benched since tweaking his hip on Thursday, with the Yankees saying it's a case of tendinitis and isn't related to the hip surgery that cost the slugger more than a month of action in 2009. Rodriguez is expected to be back in the lineup Tuesday, but I wouldn't blame his owners for feeling uneasy right now. It's unnerving to have a guy who's probably your best hitter dealing with that type of injury.

Then again, A-Rod hasn't quite been the A-Rod of old so far. His 2010 stats aren't exactly eye-popping - .290, 8 HR, 43 RBIs - but he's capable of going on a tear at any point when healthy. Remember, Rodriguez hit 21 homers after this date (June 13) last year, and I could easily see him duplicating that in 2010. The Yanks are just being overly cautious with their prize commodity, and hopefully these days of rest are all he needs to get himself feeling good at the plate again. A-Rod is still a top option at 3B.