Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hello, fantasy fans

Welcome to the Herald's fantasy sports blog!

Some of you may have read my weekly fantasy columns in the pages of our paper. Most of you may be wondering who the heck I am and why I qualify as a "fantasy expert."

First of all, I hate that term. I don't really believe there is such a thing as a fantasy expert, since success in fantasy depends as much on simple luck as it does sports knowledge. No, the best "experts" are just regular fantasy players who know the game, love the game, make informed, educated guesses and can clearly convey them to the public. And hopefully, that describes me.

It's a bit slow right now in the fantasy universe, unless you're into fantasy hoops, which I'm afraid I'm not (I tried it once, built my team around Joel Przybilla, finished last, and that was that). But for serious fantasy geeks like myself there's always something to talk about: baseball's hot stove, spring training, the upcoming NFL Draft. I'll be covering it all, and I hope you'll join me.

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