Monday, January 21, 2008

Thinking twice about LT

Just the other day I touted LaDainian Tomlinson as next year's top overall fantasy draft pick. But today, I'm not so sure.

LT's "performance" in Sunday's AFC Championship - two carries, five yards, and a whole lot of sitting on the bench - is troublesome. We knew going into the game Tomlinson's knee wasn't quite 100 percent. But he said he felt good, it wasn't a serious ailment, and his name wasn't even on Friday's injury report. And then, just minutes into the game, the knee supposedly gets reinjured, and he's planted on the sidelines for the remainder of the game.

Do you think the Chargers could have used Tomlinson later in the game, even if he was playing at 75 percent? Or 50 percent? It turns out LT won't even need offseason surgery - which really makes you start to question the guy's guts when you see his quarterback, Philip Rivers, played with an ACL that's "totally gone" and when you see players such as Terrell Owens and Plaxico Burress suiting up and playing through pain in the playoffs.

At first I was worried about Tomlinson's fantasy future because of the knee, but now I'm just concerned about his mental state and his standing in the eyes of his teammates and coaches. Not saying he's not a first-round pick - or even the first overall pick - but it does open the door for a little doubt. I've never sprained my MCL, nor am I even sure where' it's located, and by all accounts LT is one of the NFL's good guys and a team player. But I'm just saying this whole incident is a little fishy and might make me pause for a second before drafting him next year.

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