Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Buying Alex Rios

Not sold on the Toronto Blue Jays as the 2009 AL East Division champs? I hear you. But when you consider they've been ruling the standings so far with Alex Rios, perhaps their best all-around player, not hitting his stride until recently, one might start to think the Jays are for real.

Rios had a pretty lame April (.248, 1 home run) but has been scorching hot this month. He's really turned it on in his past eight games (10-for-29, three HRs, seven RBIs) and is beginning to look like the top-50 fantasy player he should be. If there's anything to complain about it's his lack of steals - only three so far this year after swiping 32 bases last year. I'd be concerned because Toronto as a team is third-worst in the AL in stolen bases (20) this year.

Maybe that 20-20 season we've been hoping for isn't coming, at least the steals part of it. But now is the time to go out and acquire Rios if you can, or to confidently put him back in your starting lineup.

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