Sunday, May 24, 2009

K-Rod needs a chiropractor

I've never experienced back spasms, so maybe I'm not the most qualified person to weigh in on this. But I'm not sure I've heard of an otherwise healthy major league ballplayer in the prime of his career having to be taken to the hospital for back spasms.

But that's just what happened to Mets closer and fantasy superstar Francisco Rodriguez on Saturday night. Not what you want to hear after you've been enjoying another stellar season from K-Rod so far: 12-for-12 in save opportunities with a 0.87 ERA. No word on whether the fine dancing skills displayed above with pal Jose Reyes are the root cause.

From what I can tell in researching this crazy-old page from 1999, back spasms are usually treated with ice, rest and an anti-inflammatory, so it doesn't seem like we're looking at major surgery or anything. There's no word on how long Frankie will be out, but if these things are painful enough that he had to go to the hospital and they can pop up randomly like this, I'd imagine the Mets will take their time in bringing him back. That means JJ Putz is an immediate pickup for K-Rod owners if he's not already been handcuffed or taken by someone else. The former Mariners closer pitched the ninth and got the save Saturday in a 3-2 win over the Red Sox.

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