Monday, December 28, 2009

Finally, a championship

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I have to brag a little bit:

I'm a fantasy football champion.

It's my first title in several years, and the first in four seasons playing in our Newsroom Fantasy League at the office. I'm the only member of our 10-team league to make the playoffs in all four years of its existence, but up until this year I hadn't won a playoff game. It's been a source of contention from time to time - "How come the guy who hasn't even won a title gets to write the fantasy blog?" My argument has been that playoff games (and a good part of fantasy football, really) are a crapshoot, and it's sustained competitiveness over the course of a long season that really proves one's fantasy worth.

But enough of that crap. I'm a champion.

It wasn't easy though. In each of the past three weeks I was losing my matchup entering the Monday Night Football game. Two Cardinals interceptions got me into the playoffs in the final week of the regular season. A Steve Smith TD against Washington gave me a victory in the semifinals. And Robbie Gould's kicking skills helped me overcome a 3-point deficit in the championship game.

Now, the Lembo Slayers can call themselves champions. Defending league champ John Lembo has officially been slayed. The fantasy blogger has a fantasy crown. All is right with the world.

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BMealy said...

Good blog. Informative. I wish Lembo retained his title though. Lemb's is a good guy.