Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fired for playing fantasy football

Lots of us play fantasy football with our co-workers. It's our only way of breaking up the monotony of life in a poorly-lit cubicle or dulling the sting of layoffs, paycuts, furloughs and other unpleasantries.

But did you know you could get fired for it?

That's what happened to these four guys at Fidelity Investments in Texas. Turns out an inter-office communication about Trent Edwards' suckiness tipped off management to a $20 office league. An investigation ensued, and four league commissioners got canned for violating a company policy that prohibited gambling.

Seems like a pretty harsh overreaction to something that goes on in thousands, if not millions, of workplaces around the country. Shame on you, Fidelity.

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Roger Houston said...

Sorry, but these juvenile buffoons DESERVE to be fired. This is Fidelity "INVESTMENTS", not Fidelity Donut Shop or Fidelity Landscaping Company. Fidelity is responsible for the financial investments and retirement accounts of hundreds of thousands of hardworking people who invest their hard-earned dollars into IRA's, 401k's, and other investment and retirement vehicles. If they are entrusting Fidelity with the safety and security of their finances and their retirement, they deserve 100% focus from Fidelity's employees on that important responsibility. They do NOT deserve a bunch of immature clowns letting themselves get distracted during their work hours by playing some silly game.