Friday, February 19, 2010

Fantasy baseball advice? I'm your man

Need help deciding who to keep and who to drop for 2010?

Want to know how Cliff Lee will fare as a Mariner or if Johnny Damon is due for a decline in Detroit (if he lands there)?

Wondering if that Cole Hamels-for-Clayton Kershaw trade offer in your e-mail inbox can work to your advantage?

I'm the guy you want to talk to.

Feel free to pose your fantasy baseball question as a comment on this or any other of my blog posts. Or e-mail me directly at I'm always more than happy to help out my fellow fantasy geek who's looking for advice. If your question's good enough, I'd love to turn it into a blog post - that way I feel like I'm meeting the needs of my audience rather than just pontificating about random topics that may interest only me.

I'm here for you, readers.

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