Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's no prank: Westbrook's been cut

It's a sad time for fantasy football owners as running back Brian Westbrook was cut Tuesday by the Philadelphia Eagles. The onetime fantasy stud says he's not retiring, and though it's unclear where he might end up in 2010, I'm pretty sure his future doesn't include "worshipping the prostate of Howard Stern," as a Westbrook impersonator mentioned in a prank call to SportsCenter (above).

When fully healthy - which wasn't often - the versatile Westbrook was one of the most dangerous players in the game, capable of going off with 100 yards rushing, or 100 yards receiving, or 3 or 4 TDs at any time. His owners can attest to a lot of agonizing over Westbrook being a game-time decision on a Sunday morning, but nobody wanted to be the guy who benched him before another monster game. Lingering concussion and knee problems finally made the 30-year-old Westbrook expendable for Philadelphia, a franchise that's never been afraid to jettison its aging stars. Besides, they've already got a younger Westbrook model named LeSean McCoy waiting in the wings who know becomes a potential breakout star next season.

So what's next for Westbrook? Ideally, he'd land on a team looking for a starting running back - San Diego? Seattle? Houston? - and puts his injuries behind him. He'll be an incredibly risky, yet intriguing, fantasy pick wherever he ends up.

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