Thursday, April 22, 2010

Believe in McGehee

Casey McGehee hit a very quiet 16 homers last year for the Brewers but was still ignored in a lot of mixed-league drafts in 2010. But since the start of the season, he's been hard not to notice.

McGehee was carrying a .400 batting average last weekend (he's currently "cooled off" to .368) and had blasted four homers, or three more than Brewer bud Prince Fielder. He's got a 1.152 OPS, has an equal number of walks and strikeouts (seven) and has knocked in a run in eight of his past 10 games. And he's in the top eight in the NL in almost all relevant hitting statistics (BA, HR, RBI, SLG, OPS).

In other words, he's on fire.

Obviously, McGehee's numbers are due for a little bit of regression. He was a career .279/.331/.409 hitter in the minors - not bad, but not exactly Albert Pujols either. Still, he's got a prime spot in a potent Brewers lineup (perhaps you saw the 20-spot they put on the Pirates on Thursday?), and he qualifies at both 2B and 3B in fantasy.

Given how lightly regarded McGehee was in the preseason - he sat on the waiver wire in my 10-team mixed league until I got him on April 8 - he may end up being one of the steals of the season.

Photo by The Associated Press

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